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Flood Damage Repair

Time is of the essence when dealing with these situations. Every minute that goes by during a home flood can increase the amount of water damage substantially. Unfortunately without prior experience and the right tools it is difficult to deal with flooding on your own, much less carry out the necessary clean up and repairs.

We’re Just a Call Away! To help deal with your flood emergency

The good news is that all you need to do in these situations is pick up the phone and give us a call. Seeing as we’re on standby 24/7, we’ll be able to send a technician to your home immediately to assess the situation and help with the flood damage clean up.


As soon as we arrive, we’ll take several measures to evaluate any safety issues and prevent further damage including:

-Switching off the electricity to prevent any unwanted accidents and to ensure the area is safe.

-Identifying the source of the flood water and stopping it. Sometimes this includes placing barriers to stop external water from entering your home or spreading to other areas. If the source of the flood water is a plumbing issue we must shut off the source of it.

-Moving furniture and other items to high ground or dry areas. Generally this is to prevent further water damage. Assuming no safe and dry area is available, we may need to contact a storage company to relocate the furniture until your home is safe and dry.

Once all that is done, we’ll put our experience in dealing with flooding to good use and help salvage your personal items, as well as document the losses to speed along your insurance claim. When the water is under control, we can help you find a reputable water and flood restoration repair company to get your home back to normal.

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“What is Flood Damage Repair and water damage restoration ?”

Even after the water is drained from your home, the fact that it was exposed to water for a prolonged period can cause numerous other problems. One of the worst of which is that mold could end up growing in various parts of your home.

Mold is definitely a problem that you should try to avoid and it will often begin to grow very quickly in buildings that have been exposed to flood water. The spores released by mold can cause many health related issues including allergic reactions or bleeding lungs. Trying to get rid of mold once it has started to grow isn’t easy and will require the help of a specialist, which is why preventing its growth in the first place will save you from a lot of hassle.

To stop the growth of mold, you need to have your home dried, ventilated, disinfected and restored as soon as possible.

Without the proper tools, restoring your home would be extremely difficult. Purchasing tools such as sponges, boots, cleaning supplies and a sump pump is often costly, which is why it is much more convenient to hire an experienced professional flood damage repair company that already has the tools and the know-how to get the job done.

In addition to mold growth, there is also the possibility that the foundation and structure of your home could be compromised. When wood is exposed to flood water, it can begin to rot or swell – pushing it apart from nails and other beams and affecting the strength of your home’s structure. If the flood came from a plumbing issue we want to make sure that the plumbing is fixed and this will not happen again.

While a flood damage repair company may not be able to prevent these issues completely, they will be able to keep the damage to a minimum by acting quickly to drain and dry your home.

Getting certified and professional plumbing specialists in to deal with flooding and the damage that it has caused can take a huge burden off your hands. More importantly, the situation will be dealt with as quickly as possible and further issues will be averted while your home is returned to normal so that you can go on with your life.